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Interviewed on Chicago WGN Radio About Nancy Drew Mystery Games

Included in Huffington Post’s “24 Tweets That Sum Up Being A Woman On The Internet With An Opinion.”

Cited in Mental Floss: “12 Bizarre Facts About The History of Birth Control.”

Cited in Attn: “This Tool Can Help You Prove This Common Sexist Problem Exists”

Cited on Bustle: “Even If You Have Nothing Else In Common With Clinton, The Sexism She Experienced During The Debate Was Relatable AF”

Interviewed in USA Today: “The new girl code: Google’s Made with Code pushes ladies to pursue computer science”

“I think the program is problematic in that it encourages girls to think of computer science as soft, compassionate, kind and creative, as if these are the only ways a girl could find science appealing.”

Vernasco says that after using the activities on the website, she wishes Made with Code was providing girls with more of a “challenge.”

“Not every girl likes pink and purple, cute images adorned with eyelashes, and making bracelets… I think Google is only perpetuating (stereotypes) by encouraging girls to program but in a way that’s not challenging and within the stereotypes of being a girl,” Vernasco says.

Research Citations

Cited in Marquette Law School’s Marquette Benefits and Social Welfare Law Review, “The Unintended Pregnancy Crisis: A No-Fault Fix”